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Dana walks through the streets of her city on a dusky morning. She looks to her watch and the time blinks 12. Sighing to herself she makes a mental note to have it looked at after work. As she walks, she sees the coffee shop she frequents every day and heads towards it.

She pulls on the handle of the coffee shop and realizes that the door is locked. She pulls again, thinking that maybe the door is stuck, it is after all the middle of summer when wood tends to swell. The door doesn’t budge. Cupping her hands, she peers inside and notices that the lights are off, and the digital clock that hangs over the counter reads 12. “That’s odd”, Dana mutters as she turns around and walks back down the walkway.

She decides that she will head to work early and drink the sludge that is barely passable as coffee. As she walks, she notes that the city is less crowded than usual, and in fact, she realizes she hasn’t seen a single person since she stepped out of her loft apartment 15 minutes ago. That’s strange, she thinks to herself, where is everyone?

She pauses and notices that there are no cars honking, no people walking, no birds chirping, just herself and the sun as it begins to warm the sidewalk and buildings around her.

Her heart pounding, she begins to jog and then fully sprint the last 100 yards to her work, feeling as if she were a child and had just turned the lights off and were running up the stairs to the comfort of her bed. She makes it to the building, and pulls on the handle, half expecting it to be locked. It isn’t. She enters and quickly walks towards the elevators. She presses the button and looking around she still is alone. Typically, when she arrives at work the building is packed with people.


The sound of the elevator startles her, and she jumps as the doors begin to open. She enters and presses the close button, still feeling as if she were in danger. As the doors close, she notices the image of the lobby begin to shimmer.

The elevator takes her to the 12th floor and as she exits her ears pop, and suddenly the office is bustling with people and noise. “Hi Dana”, the receptionist, Betty cheerfully says. “What’s wrong? You look pale!” Dana says nothing and hurries to her office feeling a sense of relief as she shuts the heavy glass door. She walks to the tall windows and looks down seeing a typical image of the sun shining and people and vehicles moving about. She steps back from the window and collapses into her chair as the adrenaline rush subsides.

She looks to her watch and the time reads a steady 8:45.

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21 жовт. 2021 р.

Riveting the vein of Twilight like.


Angela Garcia
Angela Garcia
21 жовт. 2021 р.

wow, i felt like I was on a journey to work. WOW, how did it get all normal at the end?!! Great story!😀

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